A Mountain of Meaning

Team Building Activities

Mountains Speak

The Mountains Will Burst Into Song Isaiah 55:12

Have you ever stood on the top of a mountain?  The awe inspiring breathtaking experience of standing atop a mountain which was slowly ascended and through perseverance, summited, can often speak to our soul more profoundly than any audible explanation. Mountains Speak is one of those experiences that often challenges participants at their core. So grab a few plastic cups, rubber bands, and yarn and lets get after it. 

Rope Round-Up

Swing Your Partner Do-Si-Do!

 This high flying circular rendition of square dancing meets cirque du so-lie. Your international team has decided to up the ante by adding an electric fence to your square dance routine to amaze crowds from far and wide. While holding your partners hands, the group must do a circular dance over top of an electric wire (just a rope) without making contact. See if your team has what it takes to win the dancing championship!

Turtle Crossing

A Brilliant Balancing Act

Work together with your team to escape the dangers of the Amazon rainforest! Traverse a raging torrent using specially trained turtles,  to reach your terrific extraction point. Your team was studying newly discovered plants, that may provide a cure for many illnesses, when disaster struck. With your radio equipment damaged and supplies running low it’s time to get out.