Job Opportunities

Join us in teaching, training, and transforming urban America.

“Knowing what to do is not the major challenge faced by executives — finding who to do it is!” – Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Every neighborhood needs called, connected, and committed leaders who are passionate about seeing urban communities experience lasting impact and engaged in restorative work for the glory of God and the good of the people that is evidenced by activity point to Christ.

Who will encourage those positive influences? Who empower that courageous leadership? Who will equip the next generation of leaders for service in God’s kingdom?

Is that you? Is that your passion, desire, and heartbeat?

Our organizational structure is vital to the operation of camp, understanding of the vision, and communication of goals and objectives. While we operate summer programs, we also seek to use the property in the ways God intended in the offseason. Our structure seeks to maintain a cultural continuity between the offseason and summer camp so as to provide a current that can carry us into the future. We operate our three products of summer camp, offseason engagement, and Citikidz University utilizing the services of a President/CEO overseeing three company departments: program department, operations department, and finance department. Currently, we outsource our Human Resources.

Program Department

The Program Department manages the public identity of Citikidz for the most effective proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This includes talent acquisition, development, and retention for our three products, content creation, staff support, the public exposition of Scripture, pastoral care, etc.

Director of Program

The Director of Programs oversees the Program Department and is responsible for the operational success of the employer ensuring seamless team management and development, program delivery, and quality control and evaluation. This individual will also be responsible for the oversight and management social media platforms, networks, and accounts. Read more >

Associate Director of Program(Director of Kaleos)


The Associate Director of Programs, as known as the Director of Kaleos, serves the Program Department by overseeing all ministry initiatives with the called, connected, and committed leaders in churches, cities, communities, and corporate spaces that partner with Citikidz to help us achieve our goal to teach train, and transform urban America. Read more >

Director of Staff Development

The Chief of Staff position is responsible for overseeing the holistic health and vitality of current and new employees as well as motivating and providing supervision of staff. This individual will also be responsible for performing intakes and coordinating client staffing.


The Registrar position serves as a part-time role and vital member of the administrative team. The Registrar is capable of working remotely and is responsible for all Citikidz registration, communicating with group leaders, and ensuring efficient enrollment processes. This role demands strong communication skills, meticulous organization, and an attention to detail to ensure a seamless experience for registrants, students, and their families.  

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Operations Department

The Operations Department manages what in practice or principle would result in legal action if unchecked. This includes our kitchen and dining areas, facilities, groundskeeping, vehicle use and maintenance, health and safety protocols, new construction, water, sewer, etc.

Director of Facilities

The Director of Facilities serves the Operations Department by overseeing all facilities and maintenance of buildings and systems including kitchen, mechanical, pool, electrical, fire safety, medical, staff residences, transport vehicles, grounds, etc.

Finance Department

The Finance Department manages all finances and human resources. This includes bookkeeping, payroll, sales/receipts, inventories, fundraising, budget, insurance, worker’s comp, on and off boarding, registrar, etc.


Director of Finance

The Director of Finance serves the Finance Department by overseeing all financial responsibilities.

Administrative Director (Part-Time)

The Administrative Director serves the Finance Department by managing the information systems of the programming, operations, and finance departments.