Christ. Sports. Leadership.

Every year at Citikidz Christian sports camp, campers experience lifelong friendships, caring counselors, and above all, the love of Jesus Christ. Located in the heart of southwestern Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands, Citikidz Christian Sports Camp is home to hundreds of campers from all over the east coast. Join us as we dive into Christian community, develop Christian character, and display the glory of God through sports and competitive athletics.

In short, teaches how to be a better person, how to experience Christ, and how to get to know Him more intimately. There is no doubt that they love God there. I love it! I would stay there everyday if I could.

Colby Stewart
former camper, counselor, kaleo


Welcome Romans, Galatians, Corinthians, and anyone ready to be a camper.
Are you a high-energy, outdoor and sports lovin’ college-age student who loves the Lord and is looking for an opportunity to spend your summer in ministry?
Kaleo’s are the backbone of urban ministry. They are the community leaders and volunteers who attend camp to relax, refresh, and reenergize.

Honestly, my favorite part of camp has been just being able to meet new people and bond with them…And experience new things; all while giving God the glory

Alia Nunge

2022 Summer Schedule

                     Sessions Dates

  • 1st Session:      June 18th – June 25th
  • 2nd Session:    June 27th – July 4th
  • 3rd Session:     July 6th – July 13th
  • 4th Session:     July 17th – July 23rd
  • 5th Session:     July 24th – July 30th
  • 6th Session:     July 31st – Aug 6th
  • 7th Session:     Aug 7th – Aug 13th